About Our Accommodation

Batu Besar translates as Big Rock. This friendly resort overlooks the world famous Turtles surf at Ujung Genteng on the south coast of west Java. This reef break catches Indian Ocean swells from May to October.

The resort sits 300m from the beach at the edge of the Green Belt zone. Three separate buildings house twin, double, and dormitory/family rooms (AC or fan), kitchen, resto, and bar; amid serene, cool and shaded gardens. It is surrounded by paddy fields and an easterly breeze keeps the climate pleasant throughout the season. The staff has all been with Batu Besar since it opened in 1999 and the catering is the best around.

Other surf breaks like Ombak Tujuh, are within motorbike access, and the white sand beach extending north from the reef is as spectacular as any beach in the world. Gigantic sea turtles nest nightly on this same beach; the area is a designated Nature Reserve.

The wave Turtles picks up a large amount of swell. However, on the small days snorkeling, swimming and fishing all along the coast are a great diversion; and the pristine area can be explored on motorbike.

Room prices do not include any meals; set meals are breakfast Rp. 30,000, lunch/dinner Rp. 55,000. These need to be ordered in advance. Simple meals like fried rice and noodles can be ordered a la carte at anytime and are cheaper.