'Turtles' is the main wave and it's the most commonly surfed in the area as it does not need much swell to be surfable. Turtles is located 300 metres from Batu Besar and is a punchy barrelling left hander that can be surfed at all tides.


Ombak Tujuh is located 30 to 40 minutes by motor bike ride up the cost from Batu Besar Surf and Turtle Resort or a one hour local boat ride. It is located in Cibabi national park and Batu Besar losmen is the closest accommodation to this wave. Ombak Tujuh picks up almost as much swell as anywhere in Indonesia and really starts to do its thing once it hits 6 ft and regularly gets a lot bigger than this. There are a couple of other waves around the bay of Ombak Tujuh for those with a keen sense of adventure.


For those that have a thirst for adventure there are a number of other waves that can be found around Ujung Genteng. These waves can produce high quality waves yet are seldom surfed.