How do I get there by public transport?
Travellers must catch the bus at the airport that takes you to Bogor, then board the Surade bus at Bogor bus station. From Surade you must proceed in a mini van to Ujung Genteng harbour mouth and finally jump on a motor bike taxi (ojek) to Batu Besar losmen.

Are there mosquito nets?
The rooms at Batu Besar have been made mosquito proof. However, those who would still like to take more precaution, mosquito nets are available free of charge.

Is there malaria in this area?
Malaria no longer exists in this part of Java

Where is the nearest ATM?
The nearest Western Union is in the City of Surade which is a 30 minute motorbike ride from Batu Besar. Western Union is operational in major post offices in large towns throughout Indonesia.

Are my belongings safe in the room?
Batu Besar has installed a safe where guests can store their valuables. Each guest will receive a receipt with a list of their belongings in order to avoid misunderstandings.

What about internet connection?
There is no wifi yet at Batu Besar, and the local data networks are slow and overloaded; they do improve at night.

How do I get around to different surf spots around Ujung Genteng?
Motorbike taxis (ojeks) and motorbikes are available for surfers to hire. The cost for each trip varies on where you are going and your bartering skills. If you feel that you need help in setting up trips to different surf spots or anywhere just ask our staff for help and they will point you in the right direction, as well as give you the ball park of how much the trip should cost you. Nevertheless, your are in Indonesia so don't forget to barter.

I'm a vegetarian, what will I do about food?
Each day 3 meals are offered to guests. These meals consist mainly of rice, meat, and vegetables. Vegetarians are able to avoid the meat dishes and stick to the vegetarian dishes. If your dietary needs are a little more complex please don't hesitate to communicate to our staff of your dietary habits for they will be more than willing to cater to your needs.